Binance Labs Backs Movement Labs’ Mission to Bring “Move Everywhere”

Today we announce an investment from Binance Labs, closely follow our successful $38m Series A funding round as we continue to gain momentum in its mission to bring ‘Move Everywhere.’

Founded in 2022, Movement is building an ecosystem of Modular Move-based blockchains, starting with M2, the first Move Virtual Machine L2 for Ethereum. Movement will use the funds to expand its suite of open-source tooling, frameworks, and protocols to facilitate the adoption of the Move programming language across broader blockchain ecosystems. With Movement, developers can launch secure, performant, and high-throughput Move VM rollups as easily as they do smart contracts.

As part of our global expansion strategy, we are placing a strong emphasis on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, recognizing the immense potential and talent within the Move development community. We are committed to championing and supporting Asian Move developers, providing them with the resources, education, and opportunities needed to showcase their exceptional work and contribute to the growth of the Move ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to welcome Binance Labs as an investor,” said Rushi Manche, Co-Founder of Movement Labs. “Their support and expertise will be invaluable as we continue to execute our ‘Move Everywhere’ strategy, starting with a focus on the vibrant and innovative APAC market. By empowering and collaborating with the talented Move developers in the region, we aim to accelerate the adoption of Move and unlock new possibilities for the entire ecosystem.”

About Movement Labs

The first integrated blockchain network, powering the fastest and most secure Layer 2 on Ethereum. Designed to pair smart contract security and parallelization with EVM liquidity and user bases, Movement is bringing the MoveVM to Ethereum through its flagship L2 and connected rollups with the Move Stack. For more information about Movement Labs and a guide to participate in our devnet, please visit: and follow on X @movementlabsxyz and on Discord.