VCRED Unites AI and Liquidity Management on Movement

VCRED, a liquidity-as-a-service provider augmented with artificial intelligence, has announced plans to launch on Movement. VCRED sits atop perpetual futures exchanges. LPs deposit tokens into VCRED vaults, which have been optimized to provide users highly efficient single-sided staking. Since powering its vaults using a disruptive AI engine, VCRED has improved its complex market-making strategies and achieved a 160x increase in … Read More

Superchain Gives Movement Devs a Powerful Multichain Indexer

Movement developers already enjoy huge advantages, including the safety, efficiency, and affordability of using the Move programming language, the Movement SDK, and a tight-knit community. Now, developers will be gaining yet another powerful tool for building performant apps: Superchain Network.  Superchain’s Novel Blockchain Data Offering Superchain Network is an immersive Web3 environment providing data infrastructure for projects needing usable, verifiable, … Read More

BRKT Brings GambleFi to the Masses on Movement

BRKT, an app created by veterans of Google and Treasure DAO, has left stealth today to announce that it will deploy on Movement. BRKT is a decentralized competition management protocol. In essence, BRKT hosts bracket-style tournaments with real-time on-chain bet settlements – and all the security and speed advantages of Movement. What does this mean? Fully custom March Madness-style bracket … Read More

Binance Labs Backs Movement Labs’ Mission to Bring “Move Everywhere”

Today we announce an investment from Binance Labs, closely follow our successful $38m Series A funding round as we continue to gain momentum in its mission to bring ‘Move Everywhere.’ Founded in 2022, Movement is building an ecosystem of Modular Move-based blockchains, starting with M2, the first Move Virtual Machine L2 for Ethereum. Movement will use the funds to expand … Read More

Movement Labs Raises $38 Million in Series A: An Integrated Blockchain Future

We are excited to announce our $38 million in a Series A financing round led by Polychain Capital. The funding will support our company’s mission to bring Facebook’s Move Virtual Machine to Ethereum, addressing smart contract vulnerabilities and enhancing transaction throughput. Our investment round saw participation from prominent venture capital firms including Hack VC, Placeholder, Archetype, Maven 11, Robot Ventures, … Read More

Thala and Movement Collaborate to Accelerate The Growth of Move-based DeFi

Thala, a leading Move-based DeFi platform with over $200 million of TVL on the Aptos blockchain, has announced it will deploy on Movement’s M2, the first MEVM (Move + EVM) ZK L2 on Ethereum. Developed by top Move builders, Thala’s comprehensive DeFi suite features a DEX, stablecoin, liquid staking, and token launchpad service. Expanding to Movement’s M2 network positions Thala … Read More

Unlocking the Future of Blockchain Gaming: The Strategic Alliance of GAIMIN, Movement Labs, and BNB

Movement Labs is delighted to unveil the intricacies of our strategic alliance with GAIMIN and BNB, marking a significant stride in blockchain innovation within the gaming sector. This article delves into the synergy of Movement Labs’ cutting-edge infrastructure, GAIMIN’s resource-utilization platform, and the BNB chain’s robust capabilities. Our collaboration not only showcases a seamless integration of technologies but also sets … Read More

Interest Protocol Launches First Move on Sui dApp on Movement M2 Devnet

Interest Protocol’s brings the most advanced CLAMM DEX within Move to the Movement Network. We are very happy to announce our partnership with Interest Protocol! Interest Protocol operates a cutting-edge CLAMM DEX on Sui. With built-in Move on Sui compatibility, Interest can deploy natively on the Movement Network, connecting their users and products to EVM users and liquidity. Now Move on … Read More

Henry & Movement Labs: Introducing The World’s First Modular Commerce Platform

A New Era Of Commerce Henry and Movement Labs are at the forefront of transforming the commerce sector through their innovative partnership. This collaboration introduces a commerce-centric blockchain platform, leveraging the robust capabilities of the Move Stack. Henry’s approach streamlines the integration of blockchain technology in commerce, offering an array of services including crypto cash-back rewards, NFT loyalty programs, and … Read More