Interest Protocol Launches First Move on Sui dApp on Movement M2 Devnet

Interest Protocol’s brings the most advanced CLAMM DEX within Move to the Movement Network.

We are very happy to announce our partnership with Interest Protocol! Interest Protocol operates a cutting-edge CLAMM DEX on Sui. With built-in Move on Sui compatibility, Interest can deploy natively on the Movement Network, connecting their users and products to EVM users and liquidity. Now Move on Sui builders will be able to natively deploy on the Movement Network either on M1 or M2 (or on a Movement-based modular chain of their own making!)

Interest Protocol is the most advanced CLAMM DEX within Move, boasting three invariants and UniV4 hooks for enhanced arbitrary functionality to pools. CLAMMs enable the trading of assets without a central orderbook, instead using mathematical formulas to determine pricing.

M2 is the first Ethereum Layer Two network that integrates Celestia for Data Availability, Snowman for Shared Sequencing, and the Move Virtual Machine for execution. We support seamless deployment of both Aptos Move and Move on Sui, combined with Ethereum.

Interest Protocol DEX Live Today On The M2 Devnet

And today Interest Protocol released their DEX on the Movement M2 devnet! Visit to interact with the app and learn more about Interest Protocol and how to test their app at

Interface of Interest Protocol’s DEX on M2

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