Movement’s Battle of Olympus Calls for Heroes!

STARTING TODAY, JUNE 13, Movement Labs summons all digital warriors and blockchain buffs to a grand campaign: The Battle of Olympus Hackathon. If you’re a Web3 developer or non-dev enthusiast, this is a call to arms, a chance to show the world what you can do. Should you join us on this mission, you’ll fight to further the Movement. You, your team, and other heroes will battle by building. 

What will you build? Anything you can dream. 

Movement is an integrated, modular platform with leading speed, security, and interoperability, equipping you to go big. The territory is wide open. Names are yet to be made. By taking up arms, you can forge your legend and help shape the destiny of the Movement ecosystem.

What could you win for participating from July 17-September 17?

  • Honor and reputation
  • Early access to Movement apps
  • Rewards and digital treasure
  • An app of your own (built by your own hands!) 

Curious for more? Here’s a quick overview of the battleplan. 

Steps: Joining the Battle of Olympus as a Developer

Do you want to compete as a developer, joining the new Masons’ guild and fighting alongside the bravest, most talented engineers in all the Web3 kingdom? Here’s how to enter, build, and win rewards. 

1. Enter: Register your team on the Battle of Olympus website.

2. Engage: Join our dev community on Discord to connect and stay updated.

3. Build: Develop your project on the Movement Labs testnet 

4. Submit: Send us your project by the deadline.

5. Present: Present to our judges.

Not a Dev? Compete by Joining 1 of 4 Guilds

If you aren’t an engineer, you can still take up virtual arms and help expand the Movement. Four other guilds (beyond the dev-focused Mason’s guild) put you on the front lines. 

And yes, you can still earn rewards. 

  • Pathfinders: Design onboarding guides, engage the community, and organize events
  • Creators: Create Movement-related content, memes, and contribute to worldbuilding
  • Explorers: Engage with partners, write articles, and analyze ecosystem data
  • Scholars: Write content, design quizzes, and collaborate on reports about the hackathon and Movement ecosystem

Battle Rankings (and Categories) 

Each developer team will be ranked on a master leaderboard. Progress will determine how combatants rank up or down. Developers will build in the categories of DeFi, Gaming and Entertainment, Social and Community Tools, Infrastructure and Dev Tools, or NFTs. 

These categories are the pillars of a robust blockchain ecosystem. Movement is designed to become a leader in each, and battlers help the Movement ecosystem catapult forward to meet its potential. 

No matter your focus, you can earn glory in The Battle of Olympus.

Developer Docs and Resources

Want to learn more about building on Movement? See these resources:

Movement Documentation

Movement Learning Resources

Building with Movement


Registration Opens: June 13

Battle Begins: July 17

Battle Ends: September 17

Winners Named: September 17-18 (at Movement’s Integrated Day at Token 2049 in Singapore)

After the Battle: the March to Mainnet

The Battle of Olympus will be held on Movement’s testnet. 

A noble goal for ambitious participants: build on testnet, dominate the Battle of Olympus, earn rewards, and then deploy on Movement mainnet at launch. Get rewards and a headstart in a blockchain ecosystem with boundless potential. 

The path to glory awaits you! 

Join the Battle of Olympus today

About Movement:

Movement is a network of Move-based blockchains, designed to combine smart contract security and parallelization with the liquidity and user base of the EVM. M2, the first MEVM (Move + EVM) ZK L2 on Ethereum, powered by Celestia, seamlessly integrates MoveVM with Ethereum, setting a new standard for blockchain interoperability and performance.

Join the Movement

Developers, researchers, and blockchain enthusiasts are invited to join Movement Labs on this transformative journey. Engage with the testnet, explore research papers and blog posts, build with the Movement SDK, and immerse in the Move programming language.

For more information about Movement Labs and to explore the documentation, visit

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