Movement’s Battle of Olympus Calls for Heroes!

STARTING TODAY, JUNE 13, Movement Labs summons all digital warriors and blockchain buffs to a grand campaign: The Battle of Olympus Hackathon. If you’re a Web3 developer or non-dev enthusiast, this is a call to arms, a chance to show the world what you can do. Should you join us on this mission, you’ll fight to further the Movement. You, … Read More

Tutorial: Building an EigenLayer AVS that integrates with Movement network

In this guide, you’ll build an Actively Validated Service (AVS) that interacts with both EigenLayer’s validator system and Movement network. Here’s the modified repository. If you inspect operator.go you’ll see how we modified EigenLayer’s Incredible Squaring AVS to build an AVS that queries Movement network to generate a random number. We’ll do this in three parts: Part 1: Understanding AVSs … Read More

Community vs Insiders: Can They Both Win?

This post is by Rushi Manche, co-founder of Movement Labs Over the past few weeks, CT has been discussing the high fully diluted value (FDV) and low float of many projects. There’s a growing concern that insiders, such as investors, team members, and influencers are reaping the early benefits while the community – the very people who invest their time, … Read More

VCRED Unites AI and Liquidity Management on Movement

VCRED, a liquidity-as-a-service provider augmented with artificial intelligence, has announced plans to launch on Movement. VCRED sits atop perpetual futures exchanges. LPs deposit tokens into VCRED vaults, which have been optimized to provide users highly efficient single-sided staking. Since powering its vaults using a disruptive AI engine, VCRED has improved its complex market-making strategies and achieved a 160x increase in … Read More

Superchain Gives Movement Devs a Powerful Multichain Indexer

Movement developers already enjoy huge advantages, including the safety, efficiency, and affordability of using the Move programming language, the Movement SDK, and a tight-knit community. Now, developers will be gaining yet another powerful tool for building performant apps: Superchain Network.  Superchain’s Novel Blockchain Data Offering Superchain Network is an immersive Web3 environment providing data infrastructure for projects needing usable, verifiable, … Read More

BRKT Brings GambleFi to the Masses on Movement

BRKT, an app created by veterans of Google and Treasure DAO, has left stealth today to announce that it will deploy on Movement. BRKT is a decentralized competition management protocol. In essence, BRKT hosts bracket-style tournaments with real-time on-chain bet settlements – and all the security and speed advantages of Movement. What does this mean? Fully custom March Madness-style bracket … Read More

Movement SDK: Unifying the Blockchain Universe

Introduction In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, the Movement SDK emerges as a revolutionary force, harmonizing the strengths of MoveVM and Solidity to set a new standard for blockchain integration. This groundbreaking toolkit is more than just a technological innovation; it represents a paradigm shift in how digital assets are managed, secured, and transacted across various blockchain platforms. … Read More

Securing Smart Contracts: A Dev’s Guide, Part II

Introduction The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the runtime environment for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, has witnessed numerous high-profile hacks and exploits due to various vulnerabilities. These include arithmetic issues like overflow and underflow, reentrancy attacks that manipulate contract state, and access control problems that allow unauthorized entities to perform privileged actions. As the blockchain ecosystem evolves, there is … Read More

Binance Labs Backs Movement Labs’ Mission to Bring “Move Everywhere”

Today we announce an investment from Binance Labs, closely follow our successful $38m Series A funding round as we continue to gain momentum in its mission to bring ‘Move Everywhere.’ Founded in 2022, Movement is building an ecosystem of Modular Move-based blockchains, starting with M2, the first Move Virtual Machine L2 for Ethereum. Movement will use the funds to expand … Read More

Securing Smart Contracts: A Dev’s Guide Part I

Introduction As the popularity of smart contracts has grown since the advent of Ethereum around 2013, the frequency of hacks targeting them has also increased. In June of 2016, one of the first major smart contracts occurred, when a blackhat hacker identified a weakness in The DAO’s code, which allowed them to steal $60M from a re-entrancy exploit. Since that … Read More